Credible Copywriting

by Francesca staana

Are you getting through to your customers?

Francesca StaAna, freelance writer.

I can deliver messages that are right on target, so you can get more sales, sign-ups, customers, or followers.

Whether your goal is to educate, engage, sell, or inform, I'll structure messages that are right for you and your audience

Services Offered:

  • Website Content

  • Direct Mail/Email

  • Flyers and Brochures

  • Press Releases

  • News & Feature Articles

  • Blog Posts


Francesca is efficient, detail-oriented and really gets to the heart of the story. She conducts interviews that make her sources feel comfortable and that she really understands their company or product. She is definitely a terrific writer!


 --Jennifer Krosche

   President, JYK Public Relations

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Get Results

Communication can either make or break a business, and you only get one shot to convince your audience.

Poorly delivered messages can be misunderstood or taken the wrong way. Prevent this by having your marketing materials done professionally.